23 Candidates for Friday’s Poll

Basseterre, 4th June, 2020, (MyVueNews.com) – Almost 50,000 voters are registered to head to the polls on Friday, 5th June, 2020, as St. Kitts and Nevis, elect eleven (11) members to serve a five year term in the National Assembly.

Some 23 candidates will be vying to get the approval of the electorate.

There is one last minute independent entrant, Jason Thomas, well known political activist, who will join the incumbent, Lindsay Grant of the Peoples Action Movement, (PAM), and Steve Wrensford, of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, in the Constituency 4 district.

Apart from that three way race, it will be a two party line-up in all other 10 races.

In Nevis, the Concerned Citizens Movement, (CCM), and the Nevis Reformation Party, (NRP), have both fielded three candidates, for the three constituencies located on the smaller of the twin-island nation

Mark Brantley, the incumbent, and Leader of the CCM, will take on, the challenger and newcomer, Dr. Kelvin Daly, of the NRP, its acting President.

In Nevis Constituency 10, it will be two newcomers to national politics, Eric Evelyn of CCM and Bijorn Hanley from the NRP.

While over in Constituency Number 11, the incumbent Patrice Nisbett, from NRP, is hoping that he can score a fifth victory over second time challenger, Alexis Jeffers, of CCM.

The other 7 races in St. Kitts will feature incumbent Ian Patches Liburd and Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, who is making his political debut.

Central Basseterre will have a repeat match up between incumbent Marcella Liburd of SKN Labour Party and PAM’s Jonel Powell.

Next door in Constituency Number 3, Labour’s incumbent Konris Maynard is being challenged by Akilah Byron-Nisbett.

In the island’s second town, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of PAM, will defend his seat against former ambassador, Kenny Douglas.

Over in Constituency Number 6, former Prime Minister and Leader of the SKN Labour Party, Dr. Denzil Douglas meets his fellow villager from the People’s Labour Party, Kevin “Ninky” Williams, who is new to politics.

The current Prime Minister and Leader of PLP, Dr. Timothy Harris, meets at the polls with newcomer, Leon Natta of the SKN Labour Party.

The final contest will also be a repeat of the 2015 showdown between incumbent Eugene Hamilton of PAM and Dr, Terrence Drew of SKN Labour.

Polls are due to open at 7:00am and close at 6:00pm. The results are not expected until early Saturday, 6th June.

The full list of candidates, their constituencies and symbols:

St. Kitts 1: Ian Patches Liburd, PAM (The Hat)

Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, SKNLP (The Hand)

St. Kitts 2: Marcella Liburd, SKNLP (The Hand)

Jonel Powell, PAM, (The Hat)

St. Kitts 3:Konris Maynard, SKNLP, (The Hand)

Akilah Byron-Nisbett, PLP, (The Saw)

St. Kitts 4:Lindsay Grant, PAM, (The Hat)

Steve Wrensford, SKNLP, (The Hand)

Jason Thomas, IND, (The Key)

St. Kitts 5: Shawn Richards, PAM, (The Hat)

Kenneth Douglas, SKNLP, (The Hand)

St. Kitts 6: Dr. Denzil Douglas, SKNLP, (The Hand)

Kevin Williams, PLP, (The Saw)

St. Kitts 7: Dr. Timothy Harris, PLP, (The saw)

Leon Nelson-Natta, SKNLP, (The Hand)

St. Kitts 8: Eugene Hamilton, PAM, (The Hat)

Dr. Terrence Drew, SKNLP, (The Hand)

Nevis 9:   Mark Brantley, CCM, (The Hammer)

Dr. Kelvin Daly, NRP, (The Bottle)

Nevis 10:  Eric Evelyn, CCM, (The Hammer)

Biorn Hanley, NRP, (The Bottle)

Nevis 11:  Patrice Nisbett, NRP, (The Bottle)

Alexis Jeffers, CCM, (The Hammer)

Main Photo: Voter’s finger being dipped in ink