Angry parent assaults primary school teacher

By Kaieteur News,

A grade one teacher attached to the Winfer Gardens Primary School was on Wednesday morning attacked by an angry parent who accused her of beating her child.

The injured teacher, Yolanda Jackson, said that the incident occurred mere moments before she commenced teaching her class.
Jackson explained that the parent accosted her, demanding to know why she reportedly hit her child. According to the teacher, she denied the allegations and told the mother that she had no issues with the child.

But this only appeared to only anger the mother more as she continued to demand answers. Jackson reportedly told the mother that she would investigate to find out what exactly happened in an attempt to quell the tense situation.

At the moment, Jackson relayed that she was body slammed by the angered parent in full view of students at the school. The mother, not satisfied, continued to rain blows on the teacher and only stopped after others at the school came to Jackson’s aid. The woman then left the school.

The injured Jackson was taken to receive medical attention for the laceration, which she received to her face. The teacher is pursuing legal charges against the angry parent and the matter has since been reported to the authorities.