‘Black Panther’ Sales Have Gone Through The Roof

Black America Web:


Black Panther isn’t even in theaters and it’s breaking box office sales history.

Deadline.com reports that the tickets which went on sale Monday night outsold Captain America: Civil War as, “Fandango’s bestselling MCU title in the first 24 hours of presales.”

In the summer of 2016, Captain America: Civil War made $179 million in its first weekend alone. Although the film has not been released yet, the presales often help to decide what the opening weekend will make.

Black Panther will open February 16, which is the same weekend as President’s Day and close to Valentine’s Day. However, the threat of overshadowing is not likely because the movie is highly anticipated.

The industry doesn’t believe that Black Panther will reach the same amount as Civil War but if it does, it will be the movie with the highest opening of all time for February which would be Deadpool which made $132.4o million. It would also be the best opening movie before summer.

At the moment, it’s believed that the film will gross $80 to $85 million and possibly $100 million. However, in a survey using, 8,000 movie watchers, conducted by Fandango Black Panther was voted as one of the year’s most anticipated movies of the year, coming in second to Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Whatever the case, Black Panther is making waves all over and from the look of the trailers, it looks like the turn will be good. Hopefully, it will exceed the expectations of the industries estimates.