Bolt launches Bolt Mobility in New York

By Alexis Monteith, Jamaica Observer

Jamaican track star, Usain Bolt, was present yesterday morning at City Hall in New York for a press conference to introduce a new scooter as an alternative form of transportation.

Bolt Mobility, a Miami-based start-up, is the creator of this new, environmentally friendly scooter called the “Chariot”, and Jamaica’s most famous athlete, who is the company’s spokesperson, explained his interest in the project.

“I’ve competed in many cities around the world and I see the demand for getting around as quickly as possible, and efficient as possible,” he stated.

The aluminum frame Bolt Mobility scooter, which lasts for up to 12 months, has switchable batteries, a storage bin, cup holders and footrests that face forward. The company is attempting to enter the New York market even while attempts to legalise scooters there are still underway.

Some of the details of the collaboration between the athlete and Bolt Mobility are still unclear at this time. Jillian Jorgensen, City Hall bureau chief for New York Daily News tweeted on social media that a question had been asked at the press conference pertaining to how much Usain Bolt is being paid to be a brand ambassador, but the vice-president of the company responded, “That’s not a question we’re taking right now.”

In an article from Crain’s New York Business, Sarah Haynes, co-founder of the company, in reference to the name Bolt and the Jamaican Olympian’s participation in the project, is quoted as saying, “The name came first and the connection came second.”

Bolt was also quoted in an article from the Patch online media platform as emphasising the importance of punctuality as he touted the new scooter and revealed that he has five scooters at home.