Brandy acting Commissioner

MyVueNews Staff-writer

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 5th October, 2018 ( – In an effort to reduce the high levels of vacation leave accumulated amongst the senior ranks of the police force, members of the High Command, including Commissioner Ian Queeley, have been asked to take some time off.

Queeley’s vacation comes as part of a broader programme that the government has instituted.

This was explained by the Minister of National Security, Dr. Timothy Harris this week when he said “We have put basically the High Command and the force really, on a programme of drawing down on accumulated leaves which is very substantial.”
In the absence of Commissioner Queeley, his Deputy, Hilroy Brandy, has been invested with the full powers of the Commissioner of Police on a temporary basis to ensure that public safety operations can continue seamlessly.

Harris, added that others of the High Command from time to time have and will continue to proceed (on leave) in an orderly fashion to draw down on extensive and accumulated leave.
Brandy’s appointment became effective on 1st October, 2018.

Other members of the rank and file with accumulated vacation days will be included in the programme as it extends over the coming weeks and months ahead.

As law enforcement continues to carry out the work of protecting and serving the public, Brandy will oversee the on-going execution of a re-strategized operational plan that was announced mid-September by police, said an official statement.
It added that while much of the details are withheld for security reasons, the public can expect to see increased members of the security forces on patrol and executing Vehicle Checkpoints (VCPs).

“Mr. Brandy will have the fullest support of the rest of the police, the government and the country,” Prime Minister Harris said.

A clear message was also sent by the minister of national security to criminal elements that seek to disturb social peace and stability.

“The criminals, wherever they are, wherever they are from, must never doubt our resolve to find them and to bring them to justice. I call on all of us to comply with the laws of the land,” Dr. Harris stated. “Those who commit criminal offenses must never be sheltered in our homes, in our schools, in our churches, nor by political parties. There must be no resting place for these criminals.”

Commissioner Ian Queeley