Bunny Wailer on road to recovery

By Brian Bonitto, Jamaica Observer,

BUNNY Wailer, who is currently admitted in a Kingston medical facility after suffering a massive stroke, has stabilised.

The 73-year-old reggae singer has been at the institution since last week Monday.

“He’s stabilised. And we’re going through what we have to go through, in relation to his recovery,” Maxine Stowe, the singer’s manager, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

“The stroke affected his physical mobility; it didn’t affect his thinking. So I’m giving thanks he’s cognitive, so we’re just keeping him up spiritually,” she continued.

Stowe said she is optimistic that the singer would be out of the hospital in maybe a week. However, rehabiltion would follow.

“There’s a rehab centre that he’ll be spending another four weeks at,” she said.

This is second stroke Bunny Wailer is experiencing in two years.

Stowe said she is, however, prepared for the journey ahead.

“I’ve been there and have learnt a lot from the first one in 2018, so I’m very prepared to manage this one. I’m happy we have passed the acute stage and now we’re just getting him stable and are preparing move him quickly into the rehab. It maybe a little slower this time than the last one, but we have an understanding of the work to do and what to do,” said Stowe.

In May, Bunny Wailer was shaken by the disappearance of his partner of more than 50 years, Jean “Sister Jean” Watt. Watt, 70, who suffers from memory loss, has not been heard of since.

The family is also offering a cash reward for her safe return home.

The Duhaney Park Police are investigating.

Hailing from Trench Town, Bunny Wailer’s given name is Neville Livingston. He is a founding member of The Wailers, which included Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Marley died of cancer in May 11, 1981, while Tosh was killed at his St Andrew home on September 11, 1987.

Bunny Wailer’s albums include Blackheart Man, released in 1976, and Rock ‘n’ Groove which came out five years later. His hit songs include C ool Runnings, Ballroom Floor, Crucial and Bald Head Jesus.

In 2017, the Jamaican Government awarded Bunny Wailer an Order of Merit, the country’s fourth highest honour. The Government again recognised his contribution to Jamaican music in February 2019 with a Reggae Gold Award.

Main photo: Bunny Wailer

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