Canadian activist calls on Saint Lucia to get on board with marijuana legalization


Canadian Cannabis Rights Activist, Marc Emery, is urging Saint Lucia to get on board with the legalization of the now-illegal herb or face the consequences in the tourism market from his country.

Canada recently legalized the use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes and Emery said Canadians are now free to carry the substance across their country.

He pointed out that Canadians are going to come to Saint Lucia, where cannabis is illegal, and if they cannot find marijuana easily and readily, they are going to bring their own from Canada, which might cause problems.

“This is going to cause situations at immigration and customs which will have people putting on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, oh I was arrested at customs in Saint Lucia and they took away my cannabis and give me a fine,” Emery told reporters in Saint Lucia. “This is going to be bad publicity.”

He stated that countries in the Caribbean that legalize marijuana will definitely reap benefits.

“You going to have five, ten thousand Canadians, minimum, coming this winter and they are not going to find cannabis and they are going to be frustrated and go to Jamaica,” Emery remarked. “And so, everybody on these islands has to realize that the people who establish this legal regime first are going to get the tourists from Europe, from America, from Canada…”

He added that people from around the world have the expectation of finding cannabis without difficulties since it is being legalized in many countries.

Antigua, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are three Caribbean countries that have so far decriminalized marijuana.