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Popular Science:   Yoga class is all about poses, from the basics, like bridge, chair, and cow pose, up to complicated headstands and one-armed, twisting backbends. Expert practitioners can seem to

Health:   How to handle a physician who doubts or dismisses your symptoms. Four years ago, Deborah J. Cohan went to her primary-care doctor with excruciating pain throughout her midsection. “I

CNN Health:   One in five Europeans is regularly exposed to noise levels that could “significantly” damage their health, the World Health Organization says, and it updated guidelines on those levels

Popular Science:   The Spanish influenza was unusual in more ways than one. There’s its universality: Between 1918 and 1919, the particularly aggressive H1N1 virus infected 1 in 3 people on

Dr Derrick Aarons, Jamaica Observer:   Have you ever given thought to high blood pressure (hypertension) occurring in children? Did you think high blood pressure only affected adults? Well, there are

Michelle Vernon As a medical aesthetician, I treat c lients on a daily basis with concerns such as discoloration from childhood mosquito bites, recurring acne that leaves scars, hormonal fluctuations