Cop reportedly rapes 15-y-o sexual assault victim

By iWitness News,

The Sexual Offences Unit has launched a criminal investigation into a report that a male corporal of police picked up a 15-year-old alleged sexual assault victim from a house saying he was going to take her back to her mother, then drove her to a lonely road and raped her.

The incident is said to have occurred on Sunday morning in a rural district in southwestern St. Vincent.

The police officer, who has over two decades of service, is assigned to a police station near the house where he allegedly picked up the child.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the girl, who lives in a suburban community in St. Vincent, went to her friend’s mother’s house in the rural area Saturday night alleging that her step father had attempted to have sex with her.

She was allowed to spend the night at her friend’s house.

However, sometime after 8 a.m. on Sunday, the male police officer, who is said to be familiar with the child’s history and circumstances turned up at the house in his private vehicle.

He told the girl’s host that he was there to return her to her mother’s house and the girl was allowed to leave in his company.

However, about two hours later, the girl walked back to the house, by which time her host had gone to church.

The girl waited at the house until the host returned and promptly told her that instead of taking her home to her mother, the police officer had driven her along a lonely road and raped her inside the vehicle.

She said that after raping her, the officer drove about two miles in the direction of his house — the same route as to the girl’s mother’s home — before leaving her in a community neighbouring the one where he lives.

The officer then let her out of the vehicle in a sparsely populated part of that neighbouring village, gave her EC$3 and told her to take a van home, about six miles away.

However, instead of returning to the home where her mother and stepfather live, the girl walked the two miles or so back to her friend’s mother’s house and reported the alleged crime to her.

The girl’s host, unsure of how to handle such an allegation against a police officer, told another family member who contacted a senior police officer.

The senior police officer immediately placed the case in the hands of the Sexual Offences Unit, which is said to be close to making an arrest.

Sunday night, the police officer returned to the home where he had allegedly picked up the child and asked her host about her whereabouts.

He further questioned the woman about what the child had told her.

However, by that time, the child was in the custody of the Sexual Offences Unit.

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