Court orders psychiatric evaluation for “Vampire Killer”

By Antigua News Room,

The High Court ordered a psychiatric evaluation for Delano Forbes at the request of his lawyer today.

Forbes who is charged with the murders of four people was branded “Vampire Killer” after police alleged that he drained and drank the blood of his victims.

If Forbes is found to be of sound mind, he will have to answer to charges alleging he killed vagrants, Lisue Samuel and Shawn Henry.

The homeless men were found dead in February and May of 2017 respectively.

Forbes also allegedly killed Wilfred “Bongo” Williams of Swetes and All Saints Resident, Morrison Thomas.

Williams was killed in December 2017, while Thomas was killed March 2018, while Forbes was on the run after allegedly escaping police custody in February 2018.

Main photo: Delano Forbes

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