Do not marginalize citizens cautions Gonsalves

MyVueNews Staff=writer

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 13th September, 2018 ( – The Featured Speaker at this year’s Prime Minister’s Lecture Series, which was held as part of the annual celebrations of independence in St. Kitts & Nevis, Anthony Gonsalves, has issued a call for his countrymen to act now, or face the consequences of social marginalization.

He told his audience that if we, whether by act or omission, allow any members of our society to be dismissed or marginalized, all our positive attributes, (as a nation), will be under serious threat of rapid erosion.
The lawyer, who has been credited with a QC, explained that this danger will present itself if we fail to act to address the social and economic challenges in our society.

The former State’s Scholar believes a greater sense of love and patriotism must be exhibited by each and every citizen and resident of St. Kitts and Nevis, particularly among the younger generation.

Gonsalves, who once served as the President of the Bar Association, further noted that our love for country requires us to ensure that equal opportunities are made available to all people, especially our young people, and those displaying academic abilities, but equally those who do not, but who, in other productive settings or arenas, far surpass the academics among us in natural ability.

He cited a number of outstanding citizens who have excelled internationally in sport, medicine, academics and other fields, to help illustrate his point.

Acknowledging the theme for the anniversary of independence, “Love, Service, Patriotism and Pride, Independence 35”, he suggested that “Our Independence anniversary celebrations are a time for reflection and recommitment to the principles upon which our nation was built and continues to grow.”

But he was hopeful that when we reflect on this anniversary’s theme, our reflection will produce a vibrant reawakening in all of us of a spirit of gratitude for what God has bestowed upon us as citizens of this Federation and a commitment to safeguard for ourselves, our children and those to come of what we all treasure and hold so dear.

Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture Series was held at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) on Wednesday 12th September, 2018.