GPS blunder steered volleyball team off-course

MyVueNews Staff-writer

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 12th April, 2018 ( – Even in the best organised of international events, things can go wrong, and that was the case for the female beach volleyball team from Grenada, who were on their way to compete in a match at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Interestingly, while the focus was on the Grenada team, rightly so, as they were heading for a competition within hours, the St. Kitts and Nevis Volleyball Team was also on the same coach.

The problem? A GPS blunder.

There was an error in the GPS coordinates on the team’s bus.

According to 9News, The bus driver transporting the Grenada team from the athlete’s village in Southport to Coolangatta for their game against Scotland took a wrong turn, heading north instead of south. By the time they made their way back to the coast they were two hours behind schedule.

Fortunately, Police provided an escort, while the team attempted to warm-up for the match on the bus, a difficult feat at best.

But the delay cost the Grenada Team the game.

Photo: The Grenada Volleyball Team with Christine Ahern of 9News. (Photo courtesy 9News)