Grant warns, if tourism fails…serious trouble

MyVueNews Staff-writer

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Tuesay, 6th November, 2018, ( – The push forward for tourism development in St. Kitts in years to come, will experience greater emphasis on an approach that would be more sustainable.

Top officials in the ministry say they are pursuing efforts to achieve a ‘greener’ future for the tourism sector.

The revelation comes as the St. Kitts & Nevis Ministry of Tourism kicked off its annual Tourism Awareness Month, which runs from 1st – 30th November, 2018.
Minister of Tourism, Lindsay Grant, said there is a “…need to develop a truly sustainable tourism industry — one that balances tourism’s obvious economic benefits with conservation and protection of our natural and historical physical environment.”

The Tourism Sector is widely acknowledged as the major engine of economic growth and social development in the Federation, employing approximately 25% of the nation’s workforce and contributing 26% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, stated Grant in his official media message to the nation.

“Indeed, if we are able to reduce what we waste, reuse where we can, and make an effort to recycle, then our future will be greener with prosperity,” he stated.

Grant warned that, “…if our tourism industry was to fail then St. Kitts will be in some serious trouble, and EVERYONE would feel the impact.”

Tourism, said grant, must therefore be everyone’s business.

He added, “It is therefore crucial and worth repeating, that (it) IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. It is vital that we think daily how our day to day activities affect our beautiful twin island Federation and for me, (my) number one pet peeve (is), keep our country clean. Our spectacular and unique landscape defines why year after year, visitors come to our shores by air and by sea.”

Grant said he is therefore seeking everyone’s support to keep the tourism product authentic and sustainable.

The Minister wants all citizens to make sustainable tourism development a priority to keep forging strong partnerships, inspiring destination stewardship, investing in education and training, involving the local community and developing strong sustainable programs.

He wants to ensure that St. Kitts remains a beautiful and vibrant place to live and visit both now and for future generations.

File photo: Minister Lindsay Grant.