Hardai Baley – National Carnival Queen 2019-2020

“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely”. – Becky Aligada

Words she’s thrived by: Endurance…Determination…Strength…Love!

Words she’s thriving by: MOMMY!

On 8th September, 1995 Ms. Tehanai Baley and Mr. Leroy Pitt gave birth to Hardai Lehanai Tacitah Baley. Hardai considers herself shy, creative, hardworking and an outgoing young lady, who believes in learning and experiencing new things.

Her elementary, academic journey began at the Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School and continued on to the St.Theresa’s Convent High School which later changed to the Immaculate Conception Catholic School (ICCS), to pursue her secondary education.

Hardai later attended the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College where she successfully gained an Associates Degree in Office Administration and Management Studies. In the near future she wishes to gain her Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies.

At a very young age Hardai had a strong passion for reading. In 2004 she won the annual Easter read-a-thon which was held by the Charles A. Halbert Public Library.
Her zeal for living a bountiful life is polished by her adoration for the performing arts. She enjoys the dazzle of dance, the sensation of song and the intricacy of theater and music. She learnt to play her first musical instrument, the piano at an early age and was enrolled in the Hulda Lawrence School of Music. She is currently a member of the Learning Empowerment Through The Arts Program where she also tutored for a number of years.
Her most difficult experience in life was met when she was just 18 years old and in her final year at college; when her mom who was diagnosed and fighting the battle with breast cancer passed away on 31st December, 2013. After this tragic and traumatic experience Hardai felt lonely, lost, defeated, demotivated and without purpose. Life as she knew it has no meaning. Her grandmother and grandfather took on the role of guiding her into adulthood. Hardai and her mother often spoke of pageantry and participating in the National Carnival Pageant. At this point in her life Hardai made a vow, that although she never got the courage to join or participate in groups or organizations she would participate in the National Carnival Queen Pageant to share/express awareness on the “Impact of Breast Cancer in the Home”. Therefore, she has adopted this platform for the 2019/20 National Carnival Queen Pageant.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeat so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it”. – Maya Angelou