Hector & Daly to battle for NRP leadership

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Basseterre, St. Kitts, 9th October, 2018,(MyVueNews.com) – Political attention is slowly being placed on recent movements within the opposition party on the island of Nevis.

Since losing its hold on the local administration in Charlestown, the Nevis Reformation Party,NRP, has been going through a difficult period of rebuilding.

One major step that the party is trying to take, is to find a new leader, now that former Premier  Joseph Parry, seems to be slowly making his exit from the political scene.

All eyes are therefore expected to be placed on upcoming party elections when the NRP hosts its convention.

At a General Council Meeting of the party, held in Cotton Ground, at a community center on Sunday, 7th October, 2018, two potential leaders emerged from the nomination process. They were Robelto Hector, and Dr. Kelvin Daly.

The theme of their campaign presentations to the membership focused generally on party unity and a vision for the way forward.

According Hector,much work is needed to strengthen the party from its constituency branches,while also seeking regional partnerships.

Daly however, spoke of a new beginning where the party becomes more accountable to its core membership.

The elections for the new leader will take place at the party convention on Sunday, 21st October, when it convenes at the Jessup’s Community Center.

Parry, who is currently the party’s president, told party supporters that it is time that Nevisians hold current Premier Mark Brantley and former Premier, Vance Amory, accountable because, as he claimed, they are spending more time as federal ministers in the St. Kitts & Nevis Cabinet, rather than dedicating more time to the problems and issues of Nevis.

The ruling CCM too has recently changed leadership, with Amory moving aside for Brantley.

As NRP forges ahead, it is not known if Parry will be under consideration for any party position as he tries to prepare his new team for future elections.

The party members have already completed the nominations for the full list of positions to be filled, President, Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Party Organizer.

The positions of Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General and Public Relations Officer (PRO) will be appointed by the new Executive.Elections are constitutionally due at the party convention on Sunday, October 21 at the Jessup’s Community Center.

Photo above:  Dr. Kelvin Daly

Robelto Hector