Hurricanes, Titans cops inaugural Doublle wicket winnings

History was made this past weekend when the Hurricanes and the Titans captured the inauguaral Edgar Gilbert Double Wicket Competition hosted by the Molinueax/Cayon Cricket Club (MCCC)

The Hurricanes won the the female category on Saturday while Titans was crowned on Sunday in the male competition.

The Hurricanes made up of Jasmine Clarke and Kiaye Hanley won the inaugural competition after they topped the females teams andwent through the competition without losing a game.

Second in the females was the Unstoppables who were blown away by the Hurricanes in the finals.

In the female individual categories Clarke won the prize for the most runs while here teammate Hanley captured the Best Fielder award. Other individual winners were Most Wickets by Asheena Freeman from the Unstoppables.

On the males side Titans made up of Larry Audain and Jaeel clarke were too much for the other competitors.

Clarke and Audain though they lost to Sandy Point in the round robin competition bounced back and defeated them in the finals when it matter to win the inaugural title.

Jaeel Clarke captured the most wickets, Akeem Saunders garnered the most runs while Sherman White won the Award for hitting the most sixes. Kejon Wattley was awarded the best fielder.

Audain highlighted his delight at partnering with Clarke to win the first ever Edgar Gilbert copetition.

“It was a great achievement for myself andJaeel Clarke to win the first ever double wicket tournament in remembrance of the great Edgar Gilbert.. Not only that but it was my first ever time competing in such tournament so it’s was also something special for me which will live long in my memory.”

He noted that expeirence of playing with his partner for year at club level as key to thier sucess.

“Jaeel & I have batted alot together in numerous competitions so the understanding was there plus we play for the same club which is a bonus! The ability to turn ones into twos and twos into threes goes a long way in such tournaments.”

The Molinueax Cayon will also like to thank sponsors of the competition National Caribbean Insurance (NCI), A&A Roofing and Welding, Fraites and Sons, Jerdell Catering, Elvira’s Catering I&B LTD, Koscab St. Kitts LTD, Zumies Auto Services, the Green Valley Pub, Air TV KN and the St. Kitts Cricket Association.