IICA and Coca-Cola will generate innovation and sustainable development projects for rural areas in Mexico

Mexico City, 28 February 2019 (IICA). The Delegation of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) in Mexico and the Coca-Cola company signed a cooperation agreement that will enable strategic stakeholders from the country’s agrifood sector to develop their capabilities for innovation.

The agreement, signed by Willian Hidalgo, Public Affairs Director of Coca-Cola, and Gloria Abraham, IICA Representative in Mexico, seeks to take advantage of science in decision-making processes, in order to contribute to solving problems in a comprehensive manner, as well as to guarantee the implementation of environmental initiatives in the agriculture sector.

“Innovation represents a valuable opportunity with respect to production objectives. It also contributes to sustainability and allows for improving productivity practices in the field,” noted Hidalgo.

The agreement also seeks to promote projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in all phases of the value chain, saving water at the operational level, and establishing waste management programs.

Coca-Cola is a member of the Network for the Management of Innovation in the Agrifood Sector (INNOVAGRO Network), in which IICA serves as the Executive Secretariat and through which the projects resulting from the agreement will be developed. The information, knowledge and experience generated by the members of the Network in matters related to innovation management will be disseminated and made available to Coca-Cola by the Network.

The partnership will also generate opportunities for the members of the Network to exchange, transfer and develop joint initiatives; this, in turn, will improve the Network’s human and technical resources, knowledge available and the experience of its members.

The U.S. company produces and markets a wide range of carbonated drinks, water, tea, juice, coffee, energy drinks, dairy products and plant-based beverages, and seeks to incorporate sustainability throughout its production chain in order to generate economic, social and environmental value.

To prepare its beverages, the company utilizes various supplies, raw materials and energy sources that guarantee adequate and efficient production, implementing sustainable production practices and post-consumer packaging collection initiatives.

Photo above:The IICA Representative in Mexico, Gloria Abraham, and the Public Affairs Director of Coca-Cola, Willian Hidalgo, signed the agreement.