Is ‘Shit-Hole Politics’ the cause of all of our Dis_Eases?

By Bichara Sahel, MD

I am sick and tired of the political directorate insulting and undermining the solidarity of the people with their behaviour of less that statesmanship proclamations.

President’s Trumps actions speak louder than words in that there is a coherence in all of the nonsense he is proclaiming, and this reflects the type of shit hole politics that is practiced very much in the local, regional and international spheres of political engagement.

I am convinced more than ever before that the our shit hole politics is basically dolly-house or should I say monopoly politics that amplifies advantages to the propertied moneyed elites and amplifies disadvantage and immiseration to everyone else.

That is why I have lost faith and hope in the political establishment as they are cut from the same cloth and compete with each other privately so as to engorge themselves from the trough of public goods and services, while manufacturing deception, distraction and destruction for everyone and everything else.

Enough is enough, and we need now to stand our life-ground!!!!

But before we can do so, we need to make a diagnosis and them together come together and help formulate a treatment plan.

Over the past 5 years, I have been mining the knowledge commons for wisdom and I have found the greatest life-value in two of the greatest minds:  they have provided 1) the superstructure of life-meaning and understanding (Prof John McMurtry and his Primary Axiom of Value and his Life-Value OntoAxiology) and 2) the biological evolutionary basis for cognition and love (Humerto Maturana et all based on their cultural-biological matrix of human existence).

Since it all starts with education, I have recently republished three not so known, but but very much pivotal articles which shine the spotlights on the root drivers of the base and superstructures and have convincingly shown how our societal development has been out of whack and our social development has gone awry.

I am hoping that by regaining a more life-coherent world view, we would be able to be more grateful for all the gifts of life and all of its fruits, feel an intense sense of responsibility for all our thoughts, felt side of being and actions (our emotioning and languaging and actioning), and be able to rise to the occasion to help transform our world from one based on ignorance, slavery and war to one based on the fruits of knowledge, freedom and peace (countering the Orwellian ruling group mind) and exposing the subversion from within by the ruling elite patriarchal class.

The three article which I recommend as essential reading to unblocking the paradigm lock and moving forward are listed below.

Please share this email if you think it is worthy of further dissemination, as everything I think, say and do is done with total accountability and transparency, and it is only in so doing can we verify the trustworthiness of what I am endeavouring to do.