IT WASN’T ME Elephant Man denies appearing in controversial video

Observer writer

Christopher Townsend, attorney-at-law for Elephant Man, says his client is looking to put the gun video fiasco behind him after last Friday’s interview at Constant Spring Police Station in St Andrew.

“He (Elephant Man) was freed; he wants nothing else to do with it (the video). He has divorced himself from the situation and moved on to making music again,” Townsend told the Jamaica Observer.

Elephant Man and his lawyer turned up at the station for a 10:00 am session which lasted two hours. It was initially scheduled for last Thursday.

According to Townsend, prior to the session a search of Elephant Man’s home was conducted at 7:00 am and the police found nothing incriminating. He also disclosed that the deejay insists it was not him in the controversial video.

“A second video appeared that did not have Elephant Man in it, so people can do things. He (Elephant Man) does not know who is in the video or who would want to harm or do something to him,” said Townsend.

Last week a video went viral showing a swimsuit-clad female toying with what appeared to be a firearm, before passing it to the entertainer. Subsequently, the Firearm Licensing Authority confirmed that the deejay was not a licensed firearm holder and, in such a case, the matter would be probed by the police.

In another video released on social media last Friday, Elephant Man expressed how disheartened he was by the allegations.

“From my point of view, it’s not good for any public figure or artiste a guh through dem ting ya. We and the law affi deh pon one level. The work wah we do, we affi mek sure we stay clean as possible like mineral water,” he said.

Townsend hopes the matter is closed.

“I have no doubt that this is the end of it. There is very little that the police can do with that (the video),” the attorney added.

Elephant Man is one of dancehall’s colourful characters. His hit songs include Gully Creeper, Nuh Linga, Willie Bounce and Pon Di River.

(Jamaica Observer)