KFC Undergoes Employee Developmental Programs

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Tuesday, 21st May, 2019, (MyVueNews.com)- One of the leading fast food operations in St. Kitts and Nevis, KFC, recently embarked on a 6-month Employee Developmental Program, aimed at sharpening the skills and competencies of all staff.

In doing so, the Company says it hopes to further improve each customer’s experience. The Program will also serve to culturally-acclimatize the newly-employed staff who will be assigned to the new KFC Branch, opening soon at Bird Rock, said a statement issued on behalf of the company.

While speaking to the General Manager of KFC, Collin Richards, he noted that the Training Program will see all levels of staff attending workshops over the 6 months.

Richards went on to echo the sentiments of other executives, explaining that they too committed to the overall development of the company’s human resources, with the aim of enhancing the company’s level of customer service.

It is obvious that KFC understands that its Employees are its greatest Asset, said the statement.

This can be evidenced, continued the statement, by management’s adoption of one of Sir Richard Branson’s Mottos that states” Train People Well Enough So They Can Leave… Treat Them Well Enough So They Don’t Want To”. Branson is the owner and founder of Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

Currently, the company employs 45 staff members. The addition of the new restaurant at Bird Rock will see the total staff complement jump to about 65.
The Employee Developmental Program commenced in April with extensive internal and external research being done to assess the training needs of the company.

This Phase was followed by the first of many training seminars that saw supervisors and managers attend three (3) hours of interactive games, activities, demonstrations, and lecture presentations.

The Employee Developmental Program is being coordinated by Noah Mills, Managing Director of SEN Consulting.