Labour Party Withdraws Election Petitions

Basseterre, Friday, 31st July, 2020, (MyVue The opposition Labour Party has stepped back from its petitions, filed last month, challenging the outcome of the elections of the candidates for PAM and PLP, in the June 5th poll in St. Kitts.

The party had claimed, when it filed the petitions on 26th June, 2020, that the last election was fraudulent and illegally conducted with massive irregularities, bribery and treating, (with many gifts of money and other valuables being given to voters for political support).

The leader of the party, and former prime minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas had also demanded “fresh elections”, when he addressed supporters on the steps of the High Court back in June.

Now all this has been brought to an end, as the lawyers for the six candidates who filed the petitions, this morning, (Friday, 31st July, 2020), gave notice of their intentions to withdraw the cases from proceeding any further, even before they truly got started.

The petitions had been described by the People’s Action Movement and the PLP, as “frivolous”.

The request to have the petitions withdrawn, would now have to be gazetted and published in the local newspapers by next week, after which the process would be officially over, and the cases formally ended.

This means that the Labour Party would no longer be challenging the legitimacy of the election of Jonel Powell, Akilah Byron-Nisbett, Lindsay Grant, Shawn Richards, Dr. Timothy Harris and Eugene Hamilton.

The party did not challenge in their petitions, the outcome of the polls held in East Basseterre or St. Paul’s, where their candidates, Geoffrey Hanley and Denzil Douglas secured victories.

The case involving Patches Liburd and Geoffrey Hanley in East Basseterre, is not affected by these developments.

Main photo: Dr. Denzil Douglas

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