New Oualie pier to provide comfort and ease – Alexis Jeffers

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Nevis’ Deputy Premier Alexis Jeffers.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 30th January, 2019 ( – A new pier under construction at Oualie Bay, Nevis, will provide a high level of security and comfort to persons taking water taxis between Nevis and St. Kitts, said Deputy Premier of Nevis, Alexis Jeffers.

In addition, the pier also will make it easier for water taxi operators to dock and transfer passengers, the Deputy Premier said, as he toured the work at Oualie.

Jeffers said, “Most of the operators are looking forward to the completion of this facility because they themselves see this as an improvement in the berthing of their craft which in most cases cost a lot of money, and because of that this particular new pier will provide that level of comfort, that level of security, and that level of ease in terms of docking in the future.”

In a House of Assembly session late last year, it was noted that the existing pier being used is in a state of disrepair having suffered damage during previous hurricane seasons. Jeffers indicated that the damage presents safety issues for persons using the facility.

But after some work stoppage in 2018 to deal with emerging issues, Jeffers provided details of the expanded new pier.

Jeffers said, “I am pleased to say that we have overcome those challenges at this point in time. There was also some challenges in terms of delay with the mobilisation out of St. Maarten to come back here to Nevis…The barge is now here. The workers are here and they are ready to push on with the final phase. We are just about 180 feet of pier that has been constructed so far.”

The Deputy Premier continued, “As a Cabinet, we decided that with the anticipated increase in traffic through this particular facility…with the addition of 120 feet, we will end up with just about 316 feet of pier with the “T” at the end of the 300 feet.  So we are preparing for what is to come in the future.”

The project will cost $6 million, funded from SIDF resources, and will include a reception area, as well as parking spaces.

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