New warehouse open to speed up clearing of cargo

A new warehouse facility that has just opened its doors in Bird Rock will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort that is spent trying to clear small items of cargo, arriving at the Deep Water Port in Basseterre.

With the new facility, importers of barrels, boxes and other small parcels will no longer be required to join separate long lines for the customs and port services.
With immediate effect, anyone seeking to clear their cargo will simply make one payment, at one counter at the warehouse before walking away with their items.
The new warehouse has been established as part of the operations of Hobson’s Enterprises, which is the local representative for shipping companies like CROWLEY and UPS.
Managing Director of Hobson Enterprises, Damion Hobson, explained that this facility came as a result of requests from many customers, especially small business importers and ordinary householders who were seeking a much smoother process to obtain their cargo.

Importers, in the past, have complained about the length of time it takes to secure their cargo, and in some instances, it has taken up to three days to do so. Customers, said Hobson, have always requested that a workable solution be found to help cut the extended hours usually experienced at the port. Now, with the new warehouse at Hobson Enterprises, importers will be able obtain their cargo within a very short period and in one day.
The LCL warehouse was established by Hobson Enterprises in collaboration with CROWLEY Shipping, and will take a totally different approach to what now pertains at the port authority. It will eliminate the need for entries to be passed and customs checks done at the Port Authority. These will now be done in advance. The LCL warehouse will significantly improve the level of customer service and enhance the experience for all sectors of the community, said Hobson.