Ninky to represent Team Unity Coalition in Number Six

Basseterre, Tuesday, 19th May, 2020, (MyVue – Now that the two political groups have settled on a compromise to field a Peoples Labour Party, (PLP), candidate, instead of a PAM delegate, in Constituency Number Six in St. Kitts, the ruling coalition, but in particular, the PLP, has been busy seeking to introduce the new politician to the electorate.

In a press release issued on Tuesday this week, the Peoples Action Movement, PAM, confirmed that its National Executive had agreed to allow a candidate from PLP, to stand in this election against Dr. Denzil Douglas, who has been easily winning the seat since 1989.

The constituency, which covers districts like Newton Ground, St. Paul’s, Dieppe Bay, Parsons and Saddlers, has never been lost by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, since Adult Suffrage in 1952.

The PAM Party was not established at that time and it was the Labour Party that won all eight seats after that poll, which was the first time that all citizens, no matter their gender, race or social background, could vote without hindrances.

The ruling coalition, however, seems confident that their new choice will hold his own against Douglas, who last won that constituency by 1,769, in 2015.

This time around, Douglas will be facing a young engineer, Kevin “Ninky” Williams, who, like Douglas, was born and raised, and still resides in the heart of the constituency, St. Paul’s.

On Monday, 18th May, 2020, representatives from PAM and PLP, visited the constituency in a small convoy and held a brief meet and greet amongst constituents.

Williams, along with the other ten candidates for the coalition, including PAM,CCM and PLP, will be launched in a live media event on Tuesday night, (19th May).

This is the first time, since its formation in 1965, that PAM will not be directly contesting that seat.

PAM Leader Shawn Richards addressing gathering of supporters in Constituency Six
Section of attendees
Prime Minister and Leader of PLP, Timothy Harris, making remarks as supporters in Constituency Six listen

Featured Photo: New candidate, Kevin “Ninky” Williams