Powell says he is likely to defeat Liburd

Basseterre, 21st May, 2020, (MyVueNews.com) – The PAM and coalition Team Unity candidate for the Central Basseterre Constituency, Ambassador Jonel Powell, says he is ready to represent the people of the constituency and that his chances this time around are even better than five years ago.

Powell made the claim on Wednesday night that his Party and him, as the candidate, are poised to win the Central Basseterre seat.

He said that recent research data shows that he is most likely to defeat his opponent, but he did not provide any details.

Powell, was launched on Wednesday night, (20th May, 2020), at a virtual political rally, hosted in the Ballroom of the St. Kitts Marriott, which is closed due to the Coronavirus.

In his speech, Powell, who is running for the second time, said that he has a vision for the development of the people and the constituency.

That vision he promised, is based on the belief that there is more that needs to be done for the district, which for the past 25 years has been held by the Labour Party and for the last five years, by the woman he is hoping to unseat, Lawyer Marcella Liburd, the Deputy Political Leader of the opposition Labour Party.

In what is obviously his campaign theme for this election cycle, the young lawyer, exclaimed, “This is our time now to have a seat at the Cabinet Table of Ministers and to have a seat and a voice in the Parliament of our country.”

He explained, “This is the time for Central Basseterre to get more jobs for its people.

It is our time now to get bigger, better and more homes for the people of Central. This is our time now to continue the effort to build more roads and to improve on the lighting in all areas of the constituency, where there is a need.”

Powell, who is also the Chairman of the Peoples Action Movement, charged that this is the time for the constituency to have real representation.

However, victory, if it comes, for Powell, will not be easy, but it may be more competitive than 2015.

Five years ago, the then one term incumbent, Liburd, was riding on a 531 victory margin from the 2010 election against Roy Flemming of PAM.

However, Powell was able to narrow that margin, delivering what he said last night was the biggest swing vote in the entire election.

Despite the performance, it proved insufficient to retake the seat.

Liburd in 2010 won the seat, which the term before, was held by former Labour candidate Dwyer Astaphan, who won it from former Prime Minister, Dr. Kennedy Simmonds in 1995.

The seat became a stronghold of the Labour Party from 1995-2010, but all that changed in 2015 when Powell made his debut on the political scene reducing a Labour victory from 531 in 2010, to only 98 in 2015.

He also outline some of the projects that he hopes to pursue if elected. These include a renovated public market, a redevelopment program for the constituency, a boardwalk for the Irish Town Bay Road, amnesty for illegal immigrants and assistance for the youth of the constituency.

Also speaking at the meeting to endorse and support Powell, were his Party Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Shawn Richards, Minister of Tourism, Lindsay Grant, and Prime Minister, Timothy Harris. There were also two constituents who endorsed the candidate and gave insight to their experiences dealing with the politician.

Elections will be held on Friday, 5th June, 2020.

Photo: Ambassador Jonel Powell