Presentation to Irish Town Primary


The Concerned Citizens for a Better Mcknight is once again making their annual presentation of school supplies, this time to the 2nd Graders of the Irish Town Primary School. This is their eight year of presentation, the first being in 2011 when the Community Football club The Garden Hotspurs celebrated their 50th Anniversary.

The members of the Concerned Citizens group are:
Seymour ‘Tally’ Davis (Founder), Lloyd Hendricks, Hildred Rawlins (overseas residents),
Wilson Paulis, Ken Martin, Cheralyn Dolphin, and Bernard ‘BT’ Rawlins (all at home)

The presentation will consist of 20 Backpacks containing the following:

5 Exercise Books , 2 Glue Sticks, 2 Pens, 1 Pencil Case,  3 Pencil Top Erasers
1 Ruler,  1 Scissors , 1 Calculator,  1 Sanitizer,  3 Pencils
1 Box Crayons,  1 Sharpener, 1 Dictionary, 1 Large Eraser

The Concerned Citizens for a Better Mcknight feels that this contribution will greatly assist parents with school expenses.
The presentation of the Backpacks to the students will be made by Miss Sylvia Smith, a former teacher of 41 years who started teaching at the Irish Town Primary School in 1965 when it was located at the bottom of what is called ‘the Big Steps’ in Mcknight until her retirement.

At the Graduation Ceremony held in July 2018, the Group presented a gift certificate of EC$700 (the Triple ‘A’ Award for Academics, Athletics and Attitude) to Tia Nisbett. This award was to assist with the purchase of uniforms and books.

The group would like to thank the following for their continued assistance in making this prohect possible:
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance for granting duty free concessions
Mr. George Adams, former resident of Mcknight residing overseas

In closing I would like to encourage you the students to continue to work hard in school, do your very best and reach higher for a better future. Remember knowledge is power. Strive for excellence.

BERNARD RAWLINS- Group Representative (2018)