Report being finalized on Universal Health-says Hamilton

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 13, 2019 ( – It has been a program that has been talked about for almost four years, but now the Minister of Health in St. Kitts and Nevis says that they are now making steady progress that may soon lead to the implementation of the new health initiative.
Health Minister, Eugene Hamilton, recently disclosed that the special commission that was established for the Universal Health Care, will soon submit its report to cabinet that will recommend how the coverage plan can be realized.

According to a government statement, Hamilton, while speaking during a tour by the Federal Cabinet of manufacturing companies at the C.A. Paul Southwell Industrial Site on Monday, 11th February, 2019, gave assurance to a woman, who works at Jaro Electronics, and who lost her daughter-in-law to cancer a few years ago that help is coming with UHC to assist persons to get the medical care they need and to foot their medical bills.

The minister said the implementation of Universal Health Care (UHC) coverage in St. Kitts and Nevis will be a seminal moment in the history of the twin-island nation.
He said it will bring with it, access to quality medical care to help reduce the suffering of the sick.

Speaking directly to the personal loss of the woman, Minister Hamilton said, “I want to be there for people like Akilah, so look forward to an announcement later in the year when this will come and how it will come,” he said.

“We have too many people who have some chronic illnesses who may have to travel abroad, who sometimes don’t have it, and the point is you are around the country collecting or begging a contribution as some people don’t bother with you. So, this month, we should have some information on the recommendation from the Commission, and once we have looked at those recommendations Cabinet will determine when it will start, how it will start, which sections of the country or the workforce will begin to get benefits first, or what benefits levels we will commence with,” he said.

The minister expressed that there were three seminal moments in the history of St. Kitts and Nevis that stand out to him. The first was when then Premier Robert L. Bradshaw acquired the sugar lands from planters in 1975 that opened the doorway for ordinary citizens to own land. The second was the establishment of Social Security in 1977 that provides pensions for retiree and other benefits for workers. The third seminal moment mentioned was the abolishment of the Personal Income Tax in 1980.

He said that the UHC is the new seminal moment that will positively transform the lives of the populace.