Report now says Taylor committed suicide

MyVueNews Staff-writer

The officers in the image above were not involved in the incident.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 ( – In a strange twist to a story that grabbed national attention a few weeks ago, police in St. Kitts are now revealing the true cause of death of a man who met his death during a shoot-out in Sandy Point.

In a press statement on Tuesday, 11th September, authorities confirmed that Vincent Taylor died as a result of gunshot wounds and one fatal suicidal gunshot wound to the head.
This means that the previous announcement that Taylor had been killed by police was incorrect.

The new findings come as forensic Pathologist, Dr. Valery Alexandrov, completed his autopsy on the body of Taylor.
Though the investigations are continuing, it now seems like Taylor may have been the one who took his own life with a shot to his head, after being corned by police as they exchanged gunfire.

Police also say that a coroner’s inquest into Taylor’s death is expected to be conducted in the near future.

Taylor had been wanted by police and was being described as a person of interest in the shooting death of Sergeant Leon Powell.
After being on the run for a short while, Taylor was encountered while the Security Forces were conducting a joint search operation in the Bouncing Hill area of Sandy Point on the afternoon of Friday, 31st August, when they came upon Taylor.

Police reported then that Taylor opened fire hitting one Police Officer, and then he (Taylor) who was then shot and killed by Police. This has now turned out to be incorrect.
The Police Officer was transported to the JNF Hospital where he received medical attention for his injuries. He was listed as being in a stable condition.