Skerrit states reason for December 6th election date

By Dominica News Online,

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has explained his reason for calling the general election on December 6.

Dominicans already knew that the election would be announced soon based on Skerrit’s statement on October the 13th at the launch of DLP candidate, Kent Edwards, that election would be within 100 days.

However, many did not expect the prime minister to make the announcement of the specific date on Tuesday night at a Labour Party Got Talent event in Goodwill.

“Keeping in mind the issue of what is best for our country, I have decided that given the divisive nature of general elections, campaigning should not be carried out into the New Year,” he said.

Skerrit said he is confident that the DLP warrants re-election based on its accomplishments.

“Many of you have gotten jobs, housing, support for your business, pension as a senior, free medicine or healthcare for your children. You have benefited from the policies and work of the labour party…” he said.

According to him, the DLP has not only looked after labour party supporters but the entire country.

“Even the opposition has been given constituency offices to help the people in their constituencies. The entire country of Dominica has benefited from the Dominica Labour Party,” he said.

Skerrit said further that the DLP has brought Dominica through some of its toughest times in history.

Additionally, he said in the last 15 years, the DLP had done more for seniors in Dominica than all previous governments did during the preceding 50 years.

“There will be more benefits for seniors with a re-elected Dominica Labour Party Administration,” Skerrit noted.

Meanwhile, Skerrit said Dominica must mark the start of the third decade of the 21st century with a clear decision about who will lead the country into its future.