St. Lucia’s double minded PM defies truth with disinformation and confusion

By Melanius Alphonse

Following on from the Allen Chastanet-led administration in Saint Lucia operating as a kleptocracy, is the new oligopoly: “a market structure in which a small number of firms has the large majority of market share”.

Herein, the relationship between impropriety and indifference affects the struggle of citizens and commerce. And against injustice and wrong, disinformation and confusion, mutual distrust feeds hostility.

In effect, this coincides with the allegations of inept and/or corrupt governance evidenced by leaked documents. The introduction of a freedom of information law would put order to the availability of public documents to the public in a timely manner.

Instead, when the Chastanet-led administration has something to hide, the spectacle of infrastructure minister Stephenson King resurfaces with disjunctive propositions, contradictions, and inconsistencies. #something2hide

If this sounds familiar, it is parallel to the prime minister pontificating, that he would end value added tax (VAT), make the country safe, orchestrate the removal of the Leahy Law sanctions and provide visa-free travel to America.

“The goal of the United Workers Party is to make sure that the day, and the day will come soon, that Saint Lucians will not need a visa to go to America, because America will be jealous of the life that Saint Lucians have.” ~ Allen Chastanet

Last week, despite global factors, the prime minister proposed that it is important to open up a discussion on a state intervention program and to reserve the right to take the second child of parents under 18 years, deemed “unable to care for their wellbeing”.

Perhaps, he is oblivious to the cessation of China’s one-child policy, but comfortable with the history of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.

This ‘reengineering’ has linkages to the 2017/18 budget that reads: “Accordingly, our social services regime must be reoriented.”

But when you think about it, there is a really important implication to an administration that promotes low wages, a sharp reduction in budget allocation for education and infrastructure maintenance, defunding of the social safety net, and reduced allocation to the justice system.

In the midst of this is the Chastanet administration’s increased risk of dependence on net capital inflows to support debt-led consumption, depreciation of state assets for mergers and acquisitions, which reinforces moonlighting as a real estate agent.

As an example, the sophistication of the kitchen cabinet talk of a growth strategy is persistently lacking an export-led strategy, and in-depth policy decisions in various disciplines: since growth is driven by net exports; net capital outflows and current account surplus.

But in terms of a situational leadership model in having a good approach, the prime minister delivers unintelligible utterances:

“Forty-three percent of the young men today in the workforce only have a preschool education.

“The current education system is not delivering to the public and therefore not making a significant contribution to economic growth of Saint Lucia.

“The idea that a teacher could come right out of high school and do two years of training at Sir Arthur (Lewis Community College) and become a certified teacher is not a high enough standard. We need to raise the standard of our teachers.”

President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), Julian Monrose, said: “The Certificate or Associate Degree in teacher education, which determines that a teacher is qualified, is provided by Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and endorsed by the University of the West Indies (UWI), through the joint Board of Teacher Education of the Eastern Caribbean.”

It is no secret that the prime minister is seeking to ridicule the teaching profession. What this leads to is an academic comparison of the prime minister, fluent in stupid, attempting to discredit the integrity of Saint Lucia’s academic underpinning and international achievements.

This fosters a physiological humiliation of the country’s workforce, in a manner that is shameful, repulsive and twisted sharply to the status of mendicants and ghetto-ization.

As many objective metrics conclude, it’s a simple fact that the prime minister is comfortable with brazen untruths, as have been repeatedly expressed.

On the other hand, in a vortex that lacks designated programs and policies to curb worries and concerns, this directly favours the new oligopoly system.

And as I have previously written, leadership that openly schemes and suffers from a continuous credibility gap is poised to dig deep into the public purse, offering more withholding tax and corporate tax holidays, and concessions to so-called investors.

This explicit purpose betrays the Chastanet-led administration’s core beliefs that, quite frankly, have turned sharply against the people of Saint Lucia. What’s more, his loose speech and math demonstrate that he reacts and speaks without thinking very much.

From a leadership perspective, research shows that the prime minister’s active political manoeuvrings, wheelings and dealings are on a mission to keep the people in bondage, operating under the eye of an ill-defined cabinet.

To understand this model, begin by considering how the superficial appearance of legitimacy has special characteristics to facilitate collaborators and the use of deception.

Think of who benefits from the hidden agendas of transactional politics, pet projects and the partaking of loyalty programs. And, while at it, what are the implications of the prime minister’s theory-espoused and the theory-in-use (called paradigms) that govern his behaviour?

In fact, Sen. Cory Booker’s now famous quote to top White House officials disputing Trump’s “shithole” comments serves a disquieting parallel to an ill-defined cabinet: “Your silence and your amnesia is complicity.”

Nevertheless, along with attempts to defy the truth with disinformation and confusion by administration staff and political aides who are uninformed on various issues, there are also supporters who don’t fully grasp suppression and the ‘prisoner’s dilemma’ to another Cabinet reshuffle.

Certainly, you don’t have to imagine how sensible the prime minister’s head is in the ‘cloud’ and the ‘cluster cabinet’ that is not working. This is not surprising, as illustrated in my article published June 20, 2016, a cabinet of ill-defined intentions in St Lucia.

Based on what is known, the objective of the pending Cabinet reshuffle is intended to carry out new experience from an old perspective, and to take economic and competitive advantage of previous unfilled arrangement sfor special interest that have surfaced.

What are the signs?

Interestingly, the evolution of this creed was captured in a placard at the St Jude protest march: “Fresh Start with Old Crooks” has more openly reflected the Chastanet-led administration’s version of self-government; that is, to empower themselves, at least for the time being.

By contrast, “2017 is to tighten your seat belt and to embrace the change, it’s going to be difficult, it always is to leave what you are accustomed doing and to try something new, but we have no choice. Honestly the country is in a financial quagmire and there is tremendous amount of potential but we now need to convert that potential in reality and its going to require fundamental change…”

In the fight for imperial dominance based on the 2017/18 budget is the defiance in 2018 to ‘execute, execute, execute‘ everything St Lucian, a terminology, more synonymous with the cartel, kleptocracy networks and the oligopoly system.

Even so, in the style of active heroes, the prime minister highlights his “closed record” [the stoppage of all major projects] by making pronouncements that:

“Saint Lucia is poised to benefit from over US$1.5 billion in foreign direct investments over the next two years.”

Empirical trends indicate hegemonic power and narratives to describe his accomplishments:

• DeVere Group Bank St Lucia;

• Moonlighting as a real estate agent – Savills St Lucia Ltd;

• More construction of ‘all exclusive’ resort model and their heavy reliance on tax concessions in an economic environment facing 83 percent debt to GDP;

• Desert Star Holdings (DSH) $2.6 billion exclusive Chinese enclave/state within Vieux Fort, to re-enslave the country for 99 years and empower the elite;

• ‘Touristic development’ at Choc Bay, and Mount Pimard, and the Dolphin Park at Pigeon Island National Park;

• $150 million loan from Taiwan for infrastructure works;

• The planned road construction from Gros Islet in the north to Dennery – UK re-engagement of £40 million;

• Redevelopment of Hewanorra International Airport: untold millions;

• The are several possibilities to dispose of government printery, the fishing and agricultural industry and the Fond Assau processing plant, which contributes to a steady increase in inequality, marginalization and restrictions and lack of trust on citizens entrepreneurship;

• The cozy manner of issuing 30 direct awards, among compliant friends and businesses in the making of an oligopoly system.

These open schemes comprise part of the care-less indignity. It communicates the linear methodology of nefarious elites and their influence on the Chastanet-led administration, irrespective of guidelines to explain how a road project valued at $2 millionbecomes a $4 million direct-award.

Further to that, complementary relationships also have in common the public trust to pay taxes towards inadequate pension provisions, weak institutions, environmental threats and socio-economic inequalities.

As for temperaments, citizens are dumb enough to keep voting unintelligently, up until now, to discern corrosive political, economic and environmental risks that stand to reason the heightened risk of confrontation, to the oligopoly systemic influence, generally viewed as relentless exploitation.

Hence, I would take the unusual step of suggesting to readers that they listen to an hour of the prime minister’s interview. On this occasion, it reveals insights into his mental processes and what his actions mean.

What’s more, you get to understand that the prime minister’s geopolitical ignorance is unmatched in modern history and his appalling stupidity is a glaring affront to the dangers facing Saint Lucia.

Abraham Lincoln’s simple exordium clings to the occasion:

“If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.”

The requisite approach is to register strong disapproval to a stream of prime ministerial baloney and deliberate falsehoods, and prepare to take action on a path forward.

If not, nefarious elites will continue to take flight with the nation’s wealth, reinforced by the mantra: “Allen lying, Guy thievin’, Ubaldus playing.”

Melanius Alphonse is a management and development consultant, a long-standing senior correspondent and a contributing columnist to Caribbean News Now. His areas of focus include political, economic and global security developments, and on the latest news and opinion. His philanthropic interests include advocating for community development, social justice, economic freedom and equality. He contributes to special programming on Radio Free Iyanola, RFI 102.1FM and NewsNow Global analysis. He can be reached at