Three-vehicle crash leaves at least one seriously injured

MyVueNews Staff Writer

One of the buses in the three-vehicle crash.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 4th January, 2019 ( – Police in St. Paul’s were busy all afternoon, today, 4th January, 2019, investigating a vehicular accident involving two passenger mini-buses and a backhoe.

It is understood that the accident occurred late morning on the Island Main Road.

From a person on the scene, learned that one of the busses collided head-on with the earthworks excavator, leaving the bus driver seriously injured, as well as resulting in a severely damaged bus. The other bus also collided and was very damaged.

It is understood that the driver of the bus that collided with the backhoe was taken to the JNF General Hospital for treatment. It is not known the extent of his injuries. was told that no passengers were being carried in the busses, and that they were travelling in the same direction at very high speeds. One person expressed the view that the buses were racing.

Up until 3 pm, the St. Paul’s Police Station, which is carrying out the investigation, was not in a position to provide further information on the crash. According to the Police Officer on duty, the investigators were still out and no information was made available to him.