Top grade sports therapist arrives to advance youth sports in the federation

Take 12 boys aged 16-18 years from across our tiny island paradise of St Kitts. Most of these boys have never left the Caribbean but between 14th -24th October, they will be visiting Indiana in the USA – the world’s top country for basketball. They will participate in a special basketball tournament that will give as many of them as possible the opportunity to be scouted for a scholarship to attend an American university.
The St Kitts National u20s Basketball team is run by the voluntary group called the St Kitts Amateur Basketball Association (SKABA). For basketball at an international level, St Kitts is low on opportunity but high on ambition! Their chance to compete against nationals of the USA means that they must aim for peak physical condition.

Enter Janae Guishard-Pine …. a St Kitts-Nevis citizen recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK with a first class degree in Sports Therapy. She returned to take up residency on the island last month. She has been volunteering with SKABA and now the parents, the team managers and most importantly the boys would like her to join them to maximise their opportunity to hit the big time so that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is not marred by injury.

SKABA have started a process of fundraising for this trip that they needed to extend to include Ms Guishard-Pine to join them to ensure that the boys comply with a rigorous exercise and injury prevention protocol and be available for treatment should the misfortune of injury occur.
Having her own history as a member of the St Kitts-Nevis Ladies National Football squad, Ms Guishard-Pine said that “My recent training placements with professional sports clubs gives me a unique insight into the importance of discipline and etiquette that will be an asset as part of the travelling team”.

She has set up her own GoFundMe page with miraculous results! Her campaign has attracted the attention of the GoFundMe Press officer Alexandra Richards who wrote to her to say “..we were moved by your campaign and we’d like to share it with our contacts in the media”. Ms Guishard-Pine’s campaign also has the dual purpose of raising the awareness of the need for youth to be supported in order to make a positive difference in their lives and in our society.

Her GoFundMe page can be found as “Basketball Scholarships for St Kitts Boys”.