But before they could carry it out, an indigenous woman of another tribe, who had been brought to St. Kitts by the Kalinago and who hated them, informed her alleged boyfriend and ‘baby daddy’, British Governor Thomas Warner, of the plan. And the European occupiers launched a merciless pre-emptive attack on the Kalinago, killing, according to one report, over 2,000 of them, in what is known as the Bloody River Massacre. 

And those who they weren’t killed, or kept as slaves(the more attractive women, for sexual and other services), were deported to Dominica. 

Barbe had no hesitation whatsoever in selling out the Kalinago to the Europeans, because she felt more secure with the Europeans, seeing them as friends, or, at least, as a better choice for her. 

Today, we have a male version of Barbe. He came in to the Labour Party, motivated, not by commitment to its ideals, principles and traditions, but by the lust for power. Nobody forced him in, as had been the case with the original Barbe. 

And if you look at him physically, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not he’s a genuine Labour supporter. But if you get to really know him, you’d have no doubt whatsoever that he’s an ideological  gatecrasher to the Labour Party. 

At least, that’s what I think. 

Similarly, merely looking at him, you’d notice that he looks like the average Kittitian and Nevisian  But if you really get to understand him, you’d recognize that his heart is like that of Barbe: it’s not with the local people. 

I know why she hated the Kalinago so much, but I don’t know why modern-day Barbe hates, or cares so little about, Kittitians and Nevisians, or, to be fair, if he actually does hate us, or really cares for us. What I do know is that he surely acts like he hates us or doesn’t care for us. 

Like Barbe, he can do great harm or good to the people of St. Kitts & Nevis, and he has chosen the former, imitating her by casting his lot with powerful, marauding, plundering Europeans (and people from other distant lands) against the best interests, the dignity, and the patrimony of the people of this land. 

While the Kalinago might’ve easily understood Barbe’s disloyalty, and even her ‘ratting out’ to the British and French occupiers, the present inhabitants of St. Kitts & Nevis would never have had reason to suspect that modern-day Barbe would’ve sold them out. 

But this is exactly what he has done, in my opinion. 

And while it’s not possible, or even necessary, to list in this article all of the evidence of the ‘sell out’, the case against him is compelling. 

Next time you go to Frigate Bay, stop and read one of the signs outside the golf course. It will say that the golf course is private property. 

When did the Government sell it? And to whom? 

Or go to a beach or two on the Southeast Peninsula and see what happens. And while you’re on the SEP, look at how many people are on jobs that locals should have, and ask why locals don’t those jobs. 

Modern-day Barbe says that locals aren’t sufficiently qualified and trained., Whose fault is that, after 19 years with modern-day Barbe in power? 

And consider how many of our young people who’ve travelled overseas to gain qualifications and experience and who’re stuck out there because there’s no opportunity, no hope, back home for them. 

Or look at how Fort Thomas Road, George Street and other  thoroughfares, which used to be hubs of activity for small, local merchants and other entrepreneurs, and for local community and culture, have become virtual graveyards. 

Look at how the underbelly of our small, local merchant and trades sector has been cut out, and look at who modern-day Barbe has replaced them with en masse. 

These new merchants import cheap goods and cheaper labour, which allows them to sell goods at lower prices, but this also threatens the existence of local businesses, and means that locals lose out on jobs, and the government loses out on revenue. 

But modern-day Barbe sees this as real progress. 

Now look at the thousands of acres of land that were mortgaged to National Bank in exchange for profligate spending by him, in order to keep him in power. 

And look how he has arranged for those lands to be sold to his foreign friends and overlords in a process which, if allowed to go forward, would repeat the  disenfranchisement of local people that started in the 1620s under Thomas Warner. 

Do you remember  the closure of the sugar industry in 2005 was accompanied by a song and dance that a major effort at economic diversification and people empowerment would follow? Yet today, nine years later, 3,000 young and not-so-young Kittitians and Nevisians, making up 15% or more of the national work force, are interning under a temporary work program called, oddly and cynically enough, the People Empowerment Program(PEP), following the YES program four years earlier ( just before an election, of course). 

Of course, Barbe’s cabal and their foreign bosses have done very well, which is the way colonization works. No colonial model ever favours the colonized. 

So the talk back in 2005 was just that : Talk!  And deception! The real plan was always to tie up the lands so that Barbe’s cabal and their foreign bosses,—the scamps, the ban evaders, the Bilderbergers, the EIKO-SETAD  gang,  and others, would get passports, gobble up our land en masse, and take control of the government, and the country. 

A free, or very affordable, country for them! A sovereign flag. And 40,000 subjects! 

This is the massacre of 2014, and it’s far more catastrophic than that of 1626. 

One of the foreign bosses in England recently commissioned a poll, at his own expense, to get a pulse of the electorate. He plans to use the data to maneuver and manipulate the masses in order to maintain control of St. Kitts & Nevis, with modern-day Barbe holding the fort here for him and the others. 

Anytime now, the poll results will reach him, but they will give him no joy, as he twists and turns with the fear of losing power, and as his behavior grows more and more disrespectful, unstatesmanlike, erratic, desperate and outrageous by the day. 

Modern-day Barbe is afraid of losing power, and the overlords in London, Dubai, Moscow, Tehran, and Zurich are afraid of losing their colony and their subjects.


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