17 recognized in first Calypso Monarch’s Choice Awards

By MyVue News.com Staff Reporter

Basseterre, 17th February, 2021, (MyVue News.com)-The newly crowned Senior Calypso Monarch of St. Kitts & Nevis, Queeny-G, is being hailed for her unique gesture, honouring a number of personalities from the field of calypso and entertainment.

“I feel it is important for us to recognise calypso and the contribution calypsonians and the affiliates, the persons who help to make calypso what it is,” said the Calypso Monarch.

Queeny-G, whose real name is Gloria Esdaille-Robinson, said the awards program   “seeks to honour the contributions of calypsonians and supporting affiliates for their continuous participation, promotion and development of the Calypso art-form and industry.”

The first recipients of what is being termed the ‘Monarch’s Choice Awards’ were revealed on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, 14th February, 2021, during s a special ceremony hosted at  the Mill House, Garvey’s Estate in Boyd’s, West Basseterre.

Those receiving “Lifetime Achievement Awards” in Calypso were King Socrates, (Sylvester Hodge), Lord Kut, (Daven Liburd), and Glen Hanley, the sound engineer for the Grand Masters band and the Proud Sounds Calypso Tent, in which Queen-G is a regular performer.

Legacy Awards went to Wingrove Hicks, the band leader of the Grand Masters and Mervin Sage, who has been recording (sound and video), calypso shows for decades.

Socrates was awarded for ‘Calypso Development’ which was sponsored by the Minister of Tourism, Lindsay Grant.

Socrates, has the second highest number of crowns,(6), in the competition over the years, and was also the reigning monarch who was dethroned by Queeny-G on 29th December, 2020, when St. Kitts & Nevis hosted a virtual carnival celebration, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Lord Kut, who has participated in all 48 carnivals, but was taken ill and could not take part in the Sugar Mas 49, was awarded for ‘Long Service’ which was sponsored by Trevor Fraites & Associates, and Glen Hanley was awarded for ‘Sound Engineering’ which was sponsored by Jenkins Ltd.

Sage and Hicks-Williams were presented with ‘Legacy Awards in Calypso’. Sage was recognized for his ‘Historical Documentation (videography)’ and Wingrove Hicks Williams for ‘Band leadership, talent development, music arrangement’.

Other awards went to Queen Kibi, (Best Personally Uplifting Calypso’), Bad Man Polo, (Best Witty Calypso), King Lala, (People’s Choice Award), Brown Sugar, (Best Social Commentary), Big Lice, (Best Political Commentary), Lady Composer, (Most Improved), ZIZ Radio, (‘Media Award for the Best Promotion of Calypso Music’), Singing Sensation, (best Rising Star), Bernard Wattley, (Best Calypso Writing Award 2020-2021), Antonio Abonaty Liburd,(Best Calypso Arrangement 2020-2021),

Special awards also went to Kimberly Gumbs who received the award for ‘Most Dedicated Female Calypso Fan’ and Warren Bradshaw for the ‘Most Dedicated Male Calypso Fan’.

The winners were determined by a panel of judges that included calypsonians/writers and engineers.

The event was dubbed, ‘A Celebration with the Monarch 2020-2021’ and it is expected to become an annual awards program.

L-R Minister of Tourism, Lindsay Grant, King Socrates, Queeny-G

Featured Photo at top: Mervin Sage, Abonaty and Wingrove Hicks Williams receiving their awards

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