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18 Traffic Accidents in 24 Hours

The strange happening took place between 7:00 on Monday morning and the 7:00 the following morning.

A Police spokesman said, “There were 18 road traffic collisions reported to police between 7am Monday, June 27th and 7am Tuesday, June 28th – 10 resulting in injury and eight resulting in damage only.”

The Bermudian motoring public is being reminded of the need to exercise caution when using the country’s roadways and to ensure that they use their seatbelts.

“The Bermuda Police Service continues to advise the motoring public to slow down and to drive as well as ride responsibly on the island’s roads.”

“Additionally, we urge those traveling in cars to use their seatbelts at all times and make sure any children traveling in the vehicle are appropriately restrained. Those traveling on motorcycles should always fasten their helmets and avoid making a third lane.”

(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a publication)

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