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2013 SKNFA FA Cup Draw Results

The tournament, set to commence on Sunday 24th February will feature male teams from three tiers of the SKNFA’s structure (Premier, Division I and Junior League). 

Participating teams are:


·         Cayon 

·         Cayon  Jrs.

·         C.C.C Bath United

·         Conaree

·         Conaree Fireball Int’l

·         Davis Construction Lodge Patriots

·         Delphic Newtown United

·         Delphic Newtown Jrs.

·         Harris Paint St. Peters

·         Keys United 

·         KFC Trinity/Challengers

·         Mantab

·         Molineux

·         National U-15

·         Newton Ground

·         Rams Village Superstars

·         Rams Village Superstars Jrs.

·         Rivers of Living Waters

·         Sandy Point Allstars

·         Security Forces United

·         S.P.D United

·         St. Peters Jrs.

·         St. Thomas/ Trinity Strikers

·         St. Thomas Trinity Strikers Jrs. 

·         Trafalgar Southstars

·         UDC Garden Hotspurs Jrs.

·         Verchilds High School

·         Youth & Experience


The Draw results are as follows:


·         Verchilds High School vs. St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers Jrs

·         C.C.C Bath United vs. Conaree Fireballs

·         UDC Garden Hotspurs Jrs. vs. Keys United 

·         S.P.D United vs. Cayon 

·         Newton Ground vs. Molineux

·         Rams Village Superstars vs. St. Peters Jrs.

·         Delphic Newtown United Jrs vs. Mantab

·         Youth & Experience vs. National U-15

·         Conaree vs. Davis Construction Lodge Patriots

·         KFC Trinity Challengers vs. Trafalgar Southstars

·         Cayon Jrs vs. Sandy Point Allstars

·         Security Forces vs. Rivers of Living Waters


The following teams were given a bye into the second round, based on their performance in last year’s FA Cup:


–       Delphic Newtown United

       St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers

       Rams Village Superstars

       Harris Paint St. Peters


Matches for Sunday are:


4:00 pm – Security Forces vs. Rivers of Living Waters – Newtown

4:00 pm – Rams Village Superstars Jrs vs. St. Peters Jrs. – St. Peters


The full FA Cup fixture will be available as of Friday 22nd February at the SKNFA Office.

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