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25 Most Remarkable Teens to be honoured Wednesday

The occasion will be the special sitting of the National Assembly of St. Kitts and Nevis when members of parliament will join the nominees for this important milestone in their lives.

This will be the third year for the official award ceremony for the 25 Most Remarkable Teens of St. Kitts and Nevis, honouring those who have made sterling contributions in arts, leadership, scholar, youth activism, community service, culinary arts, athlete, civic involvement, and other areas.

Those receiving awards are between the ages 12 to 19. During the sitting, messages will be read by the Governor General, while the Minister Responsible for Youth Affairs will also deliver words of welcome. Profiles are to be read, highlighting the achievements of each awardee, to be followed by the presentations of trophies by members of parliament.

However, the members of the opposition have indicated that they will not be attending the sitting as part of their protest against government’s actions to delay the hearing of a much delayed motion of no confidence.

Speaking in a sitting of parliament on the eve of the ceremony, Youth Minister, Glenn Phillip provided a background to what led to the inauguration of the program. He said the initiative came at a time when many young people were being caught in a web of crime and violence and being described in the most negative ways.

Phillip indicated that he was aware of the planned boycott of the opposition but appealed to them to attend because, as he said, the sitting has nothing to do with politics, but rather is about the achievements of our young people. He read out the names of all the awardees, asking what they have done to the opposition so that they cannot be present to honour the young people.

This year’s awardees are:

1.      Onica Hewitt19. Award categories include youth activism, community service, culinary arts, civic involvement, dance, drama, leadership, scholar athlete and many more.

2.      Xavier French

3.      Blesina Charles

4.      Tama Martin

5.      Ajamu King

6.      Marcel James

7.      Craig Nisbette

8.      Shyan Liburd

9.      Trevon Gaskin

10.  Trevecia Nisbette

11.  Toriano Samuels

12.  Austawaki Coker

13.  Kisean Warner

14.  Kristal Liburd

15.  Annick Bedford

16.  Patricia Halliday

17.  Aalyah Caines

18.  Uta Trish Taylor

19.  Somiche Guishard

20.  Keisha Liburd

21.  Kadesha Hodge

22.  Aaron Jackson

23.  Ian James

24.  Tarana Kacker

25.  Kelvina Salters






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