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33rd Annual Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant Another Success

Originally there were to be eleven contestants, however, only ten actually took part in the show: Miss St. Kitts Junika Berry, Miss Nevis Kevonie Pemberton, Miss Barbados Zhané Padmore, Miss Anguilla Dwayniqua Baird, Miss Bahamas Jayme Pinde, Miss Jamaica Kabrena Robinson, Miss St. Lucia Shartoya Jn Baptiste, Miss Bahamas Jayme Pinde, Miss USVI/St. Croix Aniah N. John, Miss BVI Kamyce Penn, and Miss Grenada Melissa DeAllie.

It is safe to say that more people turned out for this show than for the National Carnival Queen Pageant, as the seats were quickly filled and a large number of persons were left standing. The audience mainly consisted of teenagers, which is to be expected at a teen pageant. This proves that there is not only a demand but a need for shows or events such as this where teens are portrayed in a positive light and are encouraged to strive for success. 

The show quickly progressed as each young lady proudly displayed her national pride in Ambassadorial Wear.  Then, in the talent segment the audience was treated to performances that included singing, dancing and drama.  Considering the fact that these young girls are between the ages of 14 and 16, they must be greatly commended for the level at which each performed. 

St. Kitts’ very own – Junika Berry was exceptional in her performance as a puppet that rebels against its master.  She convincingly portrayed a female doll being controlled by strings representing the constraints of our society and the unrealistic demands on her life.  With her jerky movements and doll like appearance and tone, Ms. Berry was animated and extremely convincing as a puppet. 

Ms. USVI also stood out with an acrobatic dance number for her talent.

Upon completing the talent segment, the girls then wowed the crowd in a production number alongside local dancers.  Their costumes displayed the British flag as they danced to a medley of popular songs including the international hit ‘Gangnam Style’. 

Although the show moved quickly in the beginning as it progressed the breaks between appearances became longer.  The crowd was in no way neglected however as performer after performer took the stage.  In fact the show morphed into an unexpected but greatly appreciated concert.  Footsy performed several of his hits including ‘Another one gone again’, EK displayed a vocal range to be envied and had persons dancing in the isle to his rendition of Bruno Mar’s ‘When I see your face’.  Vibe’s a newcomer to the St. Kitts music scene did his mother proud with a great performance and Ali D further proved herself a soca diva able to hold her own with any popular female soca artiste in the Caribbean. G whizz, a Jamaican dancehall artiste performed not only his reggae hits but showed his versatility with a cover of R&B singer Miguel’s ‘Let my love adorn you’.   He was definitely not a disappointment with his melodic voice and witty personality.

After some time, the ladies were finally dressed in evening wear and took the stage one by one in their beautiful creations.  As they stood together on stage to be interviewed they sparkled like delicate Swarovski dolls on display and conjured up visions of Disney princesses, that no doubt have been etched on the minds of many of the young girls in the audience who dream of standing on that stage one day. 

As the interviewer questioned contestant after contestant, the crowd marveled at the ease and confidence with which each young girl tackled her question.  It was amazing and somewhat scary all at the same time.  Scary because under the perfectly poised surface there was a robotic, programmed feel to their answers and brought to mind the movie ‘The Stepford Wives’.  Though correct and masterfully delivered, many of their answers seemed rehearsed and sad to say unnatural, but then again, this is pageantry, isn’t it?

Overall, the show was entertaining enough and the young ladies were amazingly mature and polished in their presentations. The concert within the show could rival any local concert and the KC5 Band was on point throughout the entire night. As Ms. St. Kitts –Junika Berry was announced as the winner, it was apparent that her hard work and dedication paid off as the crowd cheered and showed their approval. 

Ns have again commended the organizers of the Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant for their dedication throughout the years, organizing this event and for keeping it youth friendly.  There is a definite lack of organized activities with youth as the main focus in our country and as such they usually end up engaging in activities that are meant for adults.  It is felt that if more activities were deliberately organized for teenagers there would be a major improvement in the behavior of the youth.

Full results of the pageant:

Best Ambassadorial Wear:                     Ms. St. Kitts -Junika Berry

Talent:                                               Ms. USVI – Aniah N. John

Best Production Number:                     Ms. St. Kitts – Junika Berry

Evening Wear:                                    Ms. USVI – Aniah N. John

Best Interview:                                     Ms. Anguilla – Dwayniqua Baird

Most Photogenic:                                 Ms. Anguilla Dwayniqua Baird

Second Runner up                                Ms. Anguilla Dwayniqua Baird 744.5 points

First Runner up                                    Ms. USVI – Aniah N. John 774.5 points

Queen                                                 Ms. St. Kitts -Junika Berry with a total of 785 points

Last year’s pageant was also won by the delegate from St. Kitts, Miss Siobhan Phipps.




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