35 YEARS And STILL GREAT: Happy Birthday Kanye West!

Many people laughed at Mr. West when he first asked why people wouldn’t let him be great?  But now a few years later….Kanye is having the greatest laugh about all the haters.

Kanye became a sought after superproducer, a clothing designer, a shoe designer, a film director, tour partner with Jay-Z and still continues to add to his list of talents.

We’re still not feeling this Kim Kardashian era–yeah, we’re biased and want him with someone just as great. But dude will do HIM as always.  And that’s why we heart him.  Kanye will be spending his b-day on The Throne in Dublin tonight.

 Happy Birthday ‘Ye!

BONUS: Kimmy was spotted getting a $400,00 Lamborghini dropped off at her place yesterday.  Birthday present for ‘Ye?  A present from ‘Ye to her?  Something she bought for herself?  Who knows.  But we do know she hopped a flight at LAX last night to get to Ireland for Kanye’s birthday.

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