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5% Discount VAT Rate Days

The Discount VAT Rate Days will take place on:

 ·         Friday 14th December, 2012

 ·         Thursday 20th December 2012.

The Inland Revenue Department has published the list of businesses on St. Kitts and Nevis that have been approved to participate in the 5% Discounted VAT Rate (DVR) on the DVR Day today, Friday 14th December 2012, and the following Thursday 20th December, 2012. Here is the listing:

St. Kitts:

Fouad Aabourizk (F. Abourizk), Central Street, Basseterre

Rams Trading Ltd, Bird Rock, Basseterre

Best Buy Grocery St.Kitts LTD, C.A Paul Industrial Site

Sun Pharmacy , Ponds Pasture

Daily Food, Wellignton Road, Basseterre

Scruples Gift Shop, Cayon Street, Basseterre

S L Horsford Finance Company Ltd ,Bay Road, Basseterre

Ocean Cold Storge (St. Kitts) Ltd, CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre

S L Horsford Company Ltd , Horsford Complex, Wellington Road, Basseterre

Techsperts Ltd, Liverpool Row, Basseterre 

Sun Island Clothes, CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre

Karibhana Trading Ltd, Liverpool Row, Basseterre

Domus Inc, Sugar Factory Compound, Needsmust

The Cell (St. Kitts), Fort Street, Basseterre

Builders Paradise St. Kitts Ltd, CAP Southwell Industrial Park,

Basseterre Island Purified Water Ltd, Newtown Ground

Indo Carib Shop Ltd, Central Street, Basseterre

Victory Packaging Ltd, CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre

Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd., Liverpool Row, Basseterre

City Drug Store Ltd., Central Street, Basseterre

TDC, Fort Street, Basseterre

St. Kitts Bottling Company Ltd, Buckleys Site, Basseterre

West Side Service Center, Buckleys Site,Island Main Road

Vacation and Tour Consultants (St. Kitts) Ltd , Liverpool Row, Basseterre

Courts, Bay Road, Basseterre

SAC Limited, Victoria Road, Basseterre

Economy Car Rentals, P. O. Box 1003, Basseterre

C & C Trading Ltd, CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre

C & C SuperFoods Ltd, George Street, Basseterre 

C & C SuperFoods (2005) Ltd, Bay Road, Basseterre

C & C Auto Services Ltd, CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre

Dollar Stretcher Ltd, Bourkes Road, Sandy Point

Peter Kn Inc, Port Zante Sensational,

Shoreline Plaza

Harper’s Office Depot, Fort & Princess Streets, Basseterre

Best For Less, Cnr Cayon & Church Streets, Basseterre

Shoppers Plaza, Bay Road, Basseterre

Food Center St. Kitts Ltd, Buckleys Estate

B’s Enterprise Ltd, Sandy Point & Basseterre

Island Hopper Exotic Furniture , CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre 

David Coury & Co Ltd, P. O. Box 115, Basseterre St. Kitts Office Machines, Cayon Street, Basseterre

Dufry St. Kitts Ltd, Port Zante Digicel, Port Zante

RJ Laws & Sons, Cayon Street, Basseterre

Carib Brewery (St. Kitts & Nevis) Ltd, Buckley’s Estate

Lucky’s Department Company , Fort Street, Basseterre

Big Sale Two Inc, Fort Street, Basseterre

TDC Rentals, Central Street, Basseterre

LIME, Cayon Street, Basseterre

Island Bakeries Ltd, CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre

Eyecare Express, Pelican Mall, Basseterre 

Pharmacarre Ltd, Fort Street, Basseterre

Emmanuel Juicy Beef Ltd, Shadwell Heights, St. Peters

Ashburry’s, Liverpool Row, Basseterre

Daniel Trading Co Ltd, Main Street, Sandy Point

Solomon Sahely, Cayon Street, Basseterre

Parris Shopping Centre, Water Works, Cayon

The Polo Company, Victoria Road, Basseterre

First Class Jewelry, Port Zante 

O. D. Brisbane & Sons Trading Ltd, CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre 

Triumph Beauty Store, Pelican Mall, Basseterre

Frisco, Frigate Bay Road

JM Plumbing Services Ltd, Cnr Central & Market Streets, Basseterre

E & K Supermarket Ltd, Station Street, Sandy Point

Island Treasures/Daffodils Ltd, Port Zante

IREP SKN, Port Zante 

OPUS, Frigate Bay

City Shoe Store, TDC Mall, Fort Street, Basseterre

Karibhana Duty Free Ltd, Port Zante, St. Kitts



S.L Horsfords Nevis LTD, Stoney Grove, Charlestown, Nevis

Rams  (Nevis) Ltd, Charlestown,Nevis

Al Evelyn LTD Drug Store, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis

S. Hunkins & Sons Ltd., Government Road, Nevis

Myrtles Healthy Beginning , Stoney Grove, Charlestown, Nevis 

TDC Nevis Ltd., Pinneys Industrial Site, Nevis

TDC Rentals Ltd., Pinneys Industrial Site, Nevis

City Drug Store Ltd., Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis

Island Tyres & Hardware, Stoney Grove, Charlestown, Nevis

Simon’sContempo, Government Road, Nevis

Bargain House Retail Outlet LTD, Government Road, Nevis

Super Foods Supermarket, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis

Dong Fang Supermarket, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis

Main Street Supermarket, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis

Swanton’s Superette, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis

Striker’s Car Rental, Charlestown, Nevis

A-1 Office Technology, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis

Special Green Limited, Gingerland, Nevis

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