Sources told the Express yesterday a list is being finalised to hand over to National Security Minister Carl Alfonso to facilitate the purchase of leave of Senior Supt Johnny Abraham, Senior Supt David Abraham, Deputy Commissioner of Police Glenn Hackett, Deputy Commissioner of Police Ann Marie Alleyne-Daly and Assistant Supt Oswald Davis and others.

Contacted for a comment yesterday, Alfonso confirmed he has been having talks with acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams.

“We have discussed it. I don’t know who all the officers are, I know at least two. The list is not complete yet and I haven’t gone toCabinet yet,” he said.

Asked whether it was Williams who came to him with the idea or vice versa, Alfonso said: “It would be on the recommendation of the commissioner. I have no problem with it at all. I can’t remember who approached who, but we did speak about it and it was a pleasant discussion.”

Numerous efforts to contact Williams yesterday were unsuccessful as all calls to his cellphone went unanswered.

Last year, following a decision by the Government to rescind its decision to blank the purchase of the leave of Assistant Commissioner of Police Wayne Dick, Williams had told the Express in aninterview on May 13 that he won’t be recommending buying out officers’ leave.

Dick headed the Homicide Bureau then and was overseeing the murder investigation ofattorney Dana Seetahal SC.

His involvement in that case as well as other high-profile cases had prompted a note to Cabinet by Labour Minister Errol McLeod that his leave be bought out.

This decision was made without Williams and, following the Express expose, Dick was sent on leave rather than his leave being bought out.

Following this, Williams gave the undertaking that no officer would have their leave bought.

Williams: I won’t be making any request.

In the May 13 interview, the Express had contacted Williams asking him to comment on information that businesses in the Central Division were clamouring for the leave of Abraham to be bought.

At that time, Williams said: “I will say I don’t believe anything like that will be before Cabinet. Because I have not submitted anything to the ministry or to any minister for the buying out of leave for Johnny Abraham or David Abraham.

“The procedure for buying out leave is, if I realise in the Police Service that there is a great demand or urgency for a particular officer to stay, additionally in active service, I would make a request. And that is the procedure.”

“Mr Williams, would you be seeking to make a request for the purchase of leave of Johnny and David Abraham, or any other senior officers?” the Express had asked.

“I would not be making any request for the buying out of leave for officers. That is my answer and I’m hoping that will be bringing some level of closure and conclusion in that matter. I have already indicated to my Executive that I will not be recommending any of their leave be bought out. I had also given the police association the assurance that no leave will be bought out,” Williams had said.

Confusing rationale

The Express had also contacted Abraham (Johnny) who said, “I have said from time and time again. If I have strength in my body and the people want me to stay in the Police Service and I am allowed to stay, I would do so willingly.”

Senior police sources said they remained confused as to the rationale behind the purchasing of leave of First Division officers ((Assistant Supt of Police to the Commissioner of Police) and not that of Second Division officers (rank of constable to inspector).

They added that, in 2013, the leave of Special Branch officers attached to the Prime Minister’s detail was bought out and that Williams gave an undertaking and he needed to stand by his initial decision.

Sources further told the Express that Daly will soon head the Child Protection Task Force Unit, which falls under the Children’s Authority and officials at the authority preferred that a police officer be in charge of this unit.


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