A Barrel of Laughs Expected for King of the Tents Wednesday

Those included in the finals for this unique contest are (and in the order in which they will appear), Jennifer, Unexpected, Hot Rod, Fantastic Tunda, Neglector, Honesty, Lala, Aba Lively, Lil Willy and Roc-a-Fellow.

The defending King is De Unexpected, who won the crown when the inaugural event was held last December, at De House Nitery, in Soho Basseterre.

The winner will be determined via the People’s Vote with a Text to Vote promotion and via an online poll on Miyvue.com.

The event will be streamed live on www.miyvue.com.  The show will also be carried live on ZIZ Radio.

Interested person will have until midnight on Wednesday, to cast their vote for the competition.

Each Finalist will be required to perform one song, which must be the same rendition that was used in the tents for qualification.

To text to vote:

•        Roc 9696 (Rock-a-fellow)

•        Aba 9696 (Aba Lively)

•        Jen 9696(Jennifer)

•        Neg 9696 (Neglector)

•        Unx 9696(Unexpected)

•        Tun 9696 (Tunda)

•        Hon 9696 (Honesty)

•        Hot 9696 (Hot Rod)

•        Lil 9696 (Lil Willy)

•        Lal 9696 (Lala)

No admission will be charged for the event, but fans in attendance will be invited to make a donation or contribution of their choice. Part of the proceeds will be presented to the oldest living calypsonian in St. Kitts & Nevis and perhaps the world, King of the 29 Fellows, who is 90 years old.

When the contest was launched in 2010, it was won by Unexpected, with Lala as First Runner and both Felix and Rock-a-fellow tied for the Second Runner-Up slot.

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