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A Day of Kite Flying- Good Friday

Unlike other years, yesterday’s activities were greatly assisted by the stiff Caribbean breeze that made it so much easier, especially for the children.

Most of the participants headed to the Frigate Bay area that has become preferred spot, given the restrictions placed on other sectors of the capital Basseterre, to avoid potential problems that could be experienced with aircraft using the RLB International Airport.IMG_0358

To help generate greater excitement this year, a kite flying festival was organized by one of the island’s telecommunications companies. This added to the atmosphere of family picnics, with children and parents enjoying the pleasures of the holiday.

The company also donated a set of kites to the children of the St. Christopher Home in Basseterre, to ensure that they too were given the opportunity to enjoy the splendour of the day and the joy of kite flying.

This was the fourth year that Digicel made such donation to the children.








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