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A foreign policy to reflect our goals and aspirations


That was part of his message to senior diplomats who recently met at the St. Kitts Marriott for a Heads of Missions retreat that they hope will chart an innovative and strategic course that would realign the country’s foreign policy, to reflect the order of the day.

Minister Nisbett stated that Central to the deliberations is the reality that the world we inherited after becoming a Nation has evolved significantly and as the process continues, we must also change with the times.  


He said the reality is that the region’s international relations have featured both a formal sector, namely relations among states, as well as an informal sector, that is, relations with non-state actors.  “Non-state multinational agencies have featured prominently in Caribbean affairs through the provision of economic assistance.  As means of enforcement of an economic code of conduct in the international debt regime, multilateral organizations wield some level of political and economic clout,” stated the Foreign Minister.

In essence, foreign policy may be considered as a “strategy” to realize the larger national interest, said the minister. He opined that it is a State’s responsibility to adopt policies – domestic and foreign – that are in the best interest of their societies. “It follows therefore that to formulate a foreign policy of relevance, its crafters cannot be isolated from the realities of the domestic context but must be knowledgeable about the country’s goals and aspirations,” he told the Federation’s Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consul General’s.

Patrice-Nisbett-Missions.jpg2Nisbett was of the view that the retreat avails to our representatives in different postings around the world, the opportunity to come home and interact with their colleagues here to achieve consensus on what should comprise the foreign policy of St. Kitts and Nevis.

He pointed out that as a State, St. Kitts and Nevis does not exist within a vacuum, but operates and interacts fully as a part of a global network.

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