A Manifesto for Democracy-Simeon Daniel

Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Condor, also praised Daniel for the role he played in the development of St. Kitts and Nevis, stating that his name will be forever etched in the history of the twin island federation.
Condor told the packed church service for Daniel’s funeral that the late premier was one of the main architects of the 1983 constitution, but was fondly remembered for three clauses that related to Secession, Revenue Sharing and the establishment of the Nevis Island Administration.
Nevis’ current Premier, Joseph Parry, recalled the fight Daniel had to endure in order to enhance life on Nevis; outlining some of the strides the former Premier made in this endeavour.simmanifesto
Parry stated that if it was not for Daniel and his team, Nevis would not have been what it is today.
He added that Nevis was plagued with bad roads and an ancient telephone system; but in the face of hostility they prevailed. He explained that when Nevis got its own government, that is when the island’s revolution began, with roads being paved, improvement of water and electricity services, and the establishment of a branch of the Development Bank in Nevis.
Credit was also given to Daniel for leading the charge for the Nevis 6th Form College and for making it possible for every child to attend secondary school on the island.
The official service, held at the St Thomas’ Anglican Church in Nevis, was also attended by other members of the Federal Parliament, Nevis Island Administration, diplomats and opposition political figures.

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