Accusations of Government Leaks

All of the thoughts, suggestions, projections, etc., in the article are my own.

I have been around long enough. I know the landscape and the players

It seems, however, that because of certain things in the article, some persons are saying that information had been leaked to me by Mr. Condor and/or   Dr. Harris and apparently this is being used internally and among labour party supporters by or on behalf of Dr. Douglas to show the two gentlemen in a negative light.

Let me be absolutely clear. I have had a good relationship with these two men for a long time, especially Mr. Condor. But there is nothing in the article that came from, or on behalf of, either of them. Nothing.

The fact of the matter is that from day one in July, 1995, there have been leaks from the cabinet, from the party executive, from other bodies, and otherwise.

And most of these leaks have come from persons who have been, and some still are, vocal promoters and defenders of Dr. Douglas.

Further, i have been told by persons who were neither members of cabinet, nor of any special committee, nor of the party hierarchy, of things that had been said or done, or were alleged to have been said or done, in cabinet.

I have even been told things by such persons of matters that were to be dealt with in cabinet in the future, matters on which I, as a member of the cabinet, had had absolutely no information. And there are other members of cabinet who can say the same.

And guess what: those matters did in fact come to the cabinet.

Such persons would say who their inside source was. And it was nearly always the same culprit. Never   Mr. Condor and never Dr. Harris.

The truth is that the prime minister’s acolytes speak and leak a lot. It seems that they like to be in the know, and to show it.

So this talk of Mr. Condor and or Dr. Harris leaking information to me is a distraction. That is all it is. It has no merit, and those who are peddling it know that.

The people of St. Kitts & Nevis have far greater and weightier issues to deal with: debt, the loss of massive acres of land as a result of the debt, cost of living, jobs, integrity in public life, freedom of information, and a host of other woes and worries.

The people are well aware that as Labour Day approaches Dr. Douglas may try to paint himself as their redeemer.  He put them in this hole and he may well throw them a carrot or two by easing up on the electricity surcharge and or other charges and fees. This, incidentally, would be interesting, given the fact that he claims that electricity service is out of his hands and in the hands of a private company. If so, how can he direct the company to ease up on the surcharge? Of course, we all know the truth. He controls electricity.

He will not want the people of this land to see him as the man with his foot in their throats, giving them a brief break to take a breath, then putting his foot in their throats once again. Instead, he will want them to see him as the man who brought them relief. He will want them to forget the cause, to forget the course of pain and suffering which he, for the most part, has brought upon them, and to enjoy the moment of relief which he brought to them.

And he will play that game with them right through until the next election.

The saddest aspect of this sorry story is that it is labour supporters who are the primary targets of this deception.

Then, of course, he wants to distract people from the SIDF, the Dubai consulate matter which, based on what i hear in the media, has been proceeding without the input of the minister of foreign affairs.

So the bottom line here is that Dr. Douglas knows who the leaker is, and who the leakers are. And he knows that the country is saddled with a number of issues, many spinning on his stewardship as leader of the labour party, leader of the government, and minister of finance.

He wants to replace Mr. Condor and Dr. Harris with persons who will not question him and who will go along with everything that he says or does.

So he is looking to create an issue out of a non-issue with this  leak

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