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Adrienne Bailon Addresses Fabolous Relationship Rumors, Says Their FRIENDSHIP Is Normal

For Cherry martinez’s “Girl Power Mondays,” she had former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon on the show to dish about her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian (whom she says they didn’t work out because of their blaring differences but they are still good firends) and her controversial “relationship” with her best friend Emily’s “man” Fabolous.

On Rumors She’s Romantically Involved With Fabolous:

“We’re over it. We’re literally like 3 years into saying that I date Fab, [Emily], me and Fab, which are the people, we’re over it.”

On Being Photographed Arriving At The Grand Re-Opening Of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club With Fab (pictured above):60aa2ea3

“We’re friends. The same way that if you have a best friend, and you guys are both attending an event….if we’re all a crew that hangs out together, you’ll say, ‘Yo, everybody’s going at this time.’ We’ll literally be on a chat together, all of us on a BBM chat. That’s like oh, we’re all going at this time, dope. You’ll pull up at this time, great. We’ll all walk in together. That’s not abnormal.”

She continued:

“My best friends will hang out with my man any day.  Any day.  They’ll be like, yo, we’re going here.  Make sure he’s coming too and make sure he gets us in.  It’s totally normal.  I don’t know what’s wrong with people.  I literally was with Em the day after because one of our best friends, Ashley, it was her birthday.  And we all went to a girls dinner.  The night before I was with Fab and the day after I was with Em.  We’re ALL friends.  We go on vacations together!

My best friend Ashley is Fab’s assistant.  We’re literally a family, a crew, we all hang out together.  And that’s totally normal guys.  I actually don’t think I’ve ever hung out with Fab by myself.  If ever someone can find me a picture of me and Fab alone–anywhere in life, please come forward.

We hang out and I’m great friends with his manger and we’re all friends.”

Well seeing that it’s reported Adrienne has been dating Fab’s manger for years as well, her definition of “friends” is interesting.  We still like Adrienne though.


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