Agreements Between Antigua and Venezuela

Prime minister Gaston Browne describes the proposed construction of the Simon Bolivar resort as the most exciting of them all. “That resort will be owned jointly between the government of Antigua and Barbuda and Venezuela. It promises to create significant social and economic opportunities for both our peoples. It will be part of that economic paradigm in which we seek to introduce a form of entrepreneurial socialism”.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, speaking shortly after the exchange of share certificates for West Indies Oil Company of which the Venezuela government officially owns 25 per cent.

Browne says the leaders also discussed utilizing the former US base as a base of Peace, to be used to create what he refers to as a superior economic benefit for Antiguans and Barbudans.

They also to establish a regional training facility as well as a sub-regional facility to assist with adaptation and the mitigation of the effects of climate change.

There is also commitment to advancing the cause for the creation of a petro Caribe economic zone.

“In keeping with the vision of El president. And we’ve also agreed to create a regional bank domicile here in Antigua and Barbuda to facilitate Petro Caribe investments in the future. I thank el president for buying into our vision and our vision is to transform Antigua and Barbuda into an economic powerhouse within the Caribbean. The initiatives we have agreed to in this declaration will help us to position Antigua and Barbuda as an economic powerhouse in the Caribbean”.

The delayed arrival of Venezuelan President Nicholas into Antigua yesterday resulted in him having to extend what was to have been a one-day visit.

He was scheduled to be in Antigua around 3.30 Friday but did not land at the V.C Bird International airport until about 8 PM.

After inspecting the guard of honour, he visited the Mount St. John’s Medical centre as scheduled in connection with the Miracle Mission programme.

Fourteen thousand patients have received screening for eye diseases, with 368 benefitting from cataract surgery.

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