Agricultural Open Day

Through collective efforts however, the stakeholders of this important sector have not given up and the mission to attain greater food security and profitability continue to evolve, led by officials in the Department of Agriculture.

One of the key planning strategies has been the annual Open Day, which seeks to create greater awareness about agriculture generally, while also providing equal exposure to the different groups of farmers and producers, with some expectation that the public and corporate sector would get more involved in the industry and support local producers.

This year, the Open Day has been scheduled to take place from Thursday 25th to Friday 26th April, at the grounds of the Department, located at La Guerite. The daily activities will begin at 9:00am, running until the evening.

The usual presentations of animals, farm products, agricultural equipment and other supplies are anticipated again this year. Hundreds of children from the primary and secondary schools on the island are also expected to be amongst the thousands who will visit the exhibition of the two day period.



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