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Air Canada flight hit by lighting

Passengers also reported that Air Canada’s flight 942 from Toronto had taken a hit from lightning as it approached the Island.

LF Wade General Manager Aaron Adderley said five flights were affected after the airport’s Thorgard detection system sounded at 1.40pm. “As per our standard safety operating procedures during lightning activity, all operations on the ramp, including aircraft refuelling and the loading and offloading of passengers and baggage, were suspended,” Mr Adderley said.

The Bermuda Weather Service sounded the all-clear at 3.00pm.

Air Canada’s return flight 943 to Toronto, delayed more than two hours, left Bermuda without incident at 3.25pm. The torrential thunderstorm came hot on the heels of a Wednesday incident, in which a Tucker’s Town residence took a direct hit from a bolt of lightning.

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